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    What does a stair lift cost right now? That (unfortunately) is a hard question to give a complete answer to. The reason being is that everyone's stair case is different, and the cost for a lift can differ from home to home.


    If you have turns on your stairs, you may need a curved stairlift, and the cost would be more than a straight stair lift, which is easier to install and manufacture.


    Ball park figures can range from around £900 to £5000+ depending on the amount of materials needed to build, difficulty to install, and also any add on features you may want or need.




    We can get you huge discounts on your stair lift cost due to our years of established relationships with all the major UK manufacturers.


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    Are you having a difficult time getting around as you continue to grow older? Do you have difficulties going up and down the stairs in your home?


    If so, then you ought to consider having a stair lift installed in your residence. These products are designed to help you navigate your home safely and without the fear of falling and injuring yourself. They can offer you a high degree of safety and independence with very little hassle. Because of this, they provide an excellent option for helping you to get around your home.


    A stair lift is something that more and more people are getting put in their homes. This is going to help people who cannot get around like they once did and it will allow them the freedom to live in their own homes on their own.




    A stair lift can be used in just about any home. They are special chairs that are put on the wall where your staircase is in your home. This chair has a motor attached to it that will lift a person up and down the stairs. This is some thing that will come in very handy for anyone that has a hard time going up or down stairs. You simply sit in the chair and the stair lift will gently take you up and down.


    What are the reasons to get a stair lift installed?


    There are a number of reasons why one should need stair lift installed in their premises. Below we shall discuss some of these reasons.


    1. Safety

    The first benefit that you will see from your stair lift is the increased safety that it offers. No longer will you have to have to worry that going up the stairs could put you in the hospital. Instead, you can simply sit down on the chair of one of these lifts, and it will carry you safely up or down your staircase. You won't have to worry about injuring yourself, and your loved ones can have peace of mind knowing that you are safe and sound.


    2. Independence

    Another benefit that a stair lift offer is an increased sense of independence. You won't have to worry about being forced to leave your home after a fall. You will also avoid the feeling of isolation that comes from having parts of your home become inaccessible to you. Instead, you shall be able to continue doing all of the things that you normally do. You shall be able to retain the sense of normalcy that you have always had. Rather than needing help moving about your home, you shall be able to remain independent and happy in your own space.


    3 Convenience

    Finally, installing a stair lift in your home is extremely convenient. The installation process is fast, and won't interrupt your life. In many cases, it will also be covered by your Medicare or Medicaid benefits. This means that it won't be financially inconvenient for you either. You shall be able to have one installed in your beautiful home, and within a day or so, you will be back to using your stairs without fear of falling. Nothing could be more convenient.

    In all, there are several benefits to having a the installation of this stair lift in your home. It will help you to safely navigate your home, it will allow you to retain your independence, and it is extremely convenient to install. If you are worried about your ability to go up and down your staircase, then you should consider installing one of these products as soon as possible.






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    In the light of the above, we see that a stair lift cost less than you think, and can make life much easier for those that have difficulty making it up and down those long flights of stairs. If you have someone in your home who has special needs, you might want to consider implementing this simple home improvement to make their lives a little less stressful.